Dirt Track Racing

You read the track surface to plan the best path and chassis setup; we read the landscape of top-tier racing components to help keep you ahead of the competition. Our strong partnerships with industry leaders including Wehrs, Schoenfeld, and QuickCar ensure that your business has access to the best selection of parts, in stock and ready to ship, to maintain your competitive advantage.

Pavement Track Racing

When victories are decided by split-second margins, a dependable chassis is often the difference between a checkered flag and "also ran". At Motor State Distributing, we understand the critical role of top-quality components and excellent service in getting you across the line. Our selection of high-performance chassis parts, such as Allstar Performance and FiveStar, gives your team an edge on the track and in the pits.

How we can best serve you


As the warehouse distributor of choice for customers in more than 35 countries, we know that fast shipping at a reasonable price is critical. We work hard to find the most cost-effective solution to get orders to our customers quickly, no matter where they are located.


Our customer service team makes sure that issues are resolved quickly and painlessly, whether it’s tracking down a delayed package or resolving a warranty claim. We’re not happy until we know our customers are happy.


Our Domestic Sales team combines extensive product knowledge with first-hand practical experience, providing a valuable resource for any high-performance fabricator, engine builder, machine shop, or speed shop.


For more than 25 years, our veteran International Sales Department has provided dedicated service to customers around the world, focusing on their specific needs with individual and personalized attention.

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Motor State’s massive parts inventory ensures that the parts you need are in stock and ready to ship. Combine that with our state-of-the-art shipping technology and it’s clear why all around the world, dealers just like you rely on Motor State Distributing every day.

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