K&N Defectives/Warranty Message

K&N BrandsWe received the following important defective/warranty message from K&N. Please read it over and let your customers know.

Important: K&N Defectives/Warranty (ALL BRANDS)

To streamline the entire defective/warranty process, effective immediately K&N will now handle all defective/warranty claims directly with the end-user (consumer/installer). Should your customer have a defective claim, they should call K&N directly at 1-800-858-3333 to speak with a customer service agent for resolution. Should your customer be classified as a "jobber" then your customer/jobber should notify the end-user with the challenge to call K&N direct.

This does apply to ALL K&N brands including: K&N, Spectre Performance, Airaid and AEM.

By doing this, it takes all responsibility for handling defects/warranties out of your hands saving your company time and money and providing the consumer with a quick and equitable solution to their challenge. It also means that your customer (jobber) will not have to refund money on a defective return and as a WD you will not have to issue a credit.


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